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Windy, Windy Wellington

I decided to spend a few days in Wellington just as a category 2 tropical cyclone decided to swoop across North Island!  I travelled up to the ferry by coach because the train still isn't running after the Kaikoura earthquake in December 2016.  The road (bit of a euphemism here!) has only been open since Christmas and is closed at night because it's still under construction.  In some places only one half of the road is there - the rest has plunged into the gorge.  The scale of the problem is vast - kilometres of road were buried when whole mountainsides slid down during the earthquake.
Now the road has been bulldozed out from underneath millions of tons (I'm not exaggerating) of rock and earth and is being reconstructed.  Whole sections - totalling about 100 km - are being built from scratch.  It's a mammoth undertaking.  The mountainsides are being stabilised, but big containers are stacked up to protect road users from falling rock until it's finished.
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