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Tuesday Poem: Uses of the Body as a Source for Allegory and Metaphor - Roy Marshall

The excavated skull of the affair and the built up
head of steam;  the face of loss, a clock, a cliff; the teeth

of cogs, combs, the wind;  the lips of pitchers, craters
and augers;  the jaws of mull-grips and dilemmas, not to mention

death;  the tongues of brogues and ancient Doc Martens;
the crotches of arches;  the long arm of the church

and of boredom;  the armpit of the paramilitary wing;  the brow
of the beaten, the hill, of morning;  the breast made clean;  the skin

of milk and of a balmy evening;  the hard shoulder of regret,
the hair of the dog and its breadth;  the knuckle of attraction

and the pierced nipple of fate;  the long femur of the terminally hip;
the greased palm and the padlocked heart of British Steel;  the spine

of the barn, of stepping stones, of the poem;  the vertebrae
of e-mail and the gonads of vulnerability;  the nose of the drink,

of the parson, to the grindstone;  the cheeks in lamé trousers
like two peaches in a solder fountain;  the ear to the ground,

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