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Tuesday Poem: How to be a Poet - Jo Bell and Jane Commane

This, the editors stress, is not a How-To manual about writing poetry. Instead How to be a Poet is 'a manifesto of sorts.  It is an exploration, both practically and creatively, of what it is to write poems, read poems, share poems and publish poetry.' 

This handbook grew out of the famous '52' project run by Jo Bell online.  The brief was to write a poem a week for a year. The response was phenomenal and some of the resulting poems are gathered together in an anthology called '52'.  The original prompts, plus others, are included in the book.  But some of the questions that were generated by the project needed answers and Jo Bell and her editor at Nine Arches Press, the poet Jane Commane, began to put together this handbook which is, in a way, a companion to '52'.How to be a Poetis 'a guide to writing well' and to show 'the realities of writing poetry and being a poet in the here and now'.

It is refreshingly blunt.  No bullshit in this…

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